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12 Oct: The white lady

Two churches stand side by side in the village of Kirby Bedon, one a ruin, the other standing, both said to be haunted by the same ghost, a white lady riding a white horse.

St Andrew's church, Kirby Bedon pictured in 1961. CREDIT: George Plunkett

Just two miles from Norwich, Kirby Bedon boasts two churches, one either side of the village street, one dedicated to St Mary, the other to St Andrew. There are the remains of the round tower, the north walls of the nave and chancel and fragments of the east and south chancel.

Abandoned in around 1700, the ruin is in a hazardous state, but can be viewed from the grass in front of it. In The East Anglian Handbook of 1885, a story is told of “…a very tall woman in white, mounted on a white horse, who rides slowly first around one churchyard and then the other.”

St Mary's church ruin at Kirby Bedon pictured in 1940. CREDIT: George Plunkett

In paranormal circles, the White Lady is a famous example of a type of female ghost, typically dressed in a white dress or a similar piece of clothing and often spotted in rural areas – or once rural areas – and associated with tragic local legends.


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