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26 Oct: Mysterious entities at Fritton

Even scientists admit that it is unlikely that humankind is alone in an infinite universe and that somewhere out there, other intelligent beings are looking up into their night sky from different worlds and asking themselves the same questions we do. Or perhaps they are closer to home. Perhaps, they are in Fritton.

In July 1997, two people were sitting in their car at the woods during the hours of darkness – NFS has not probed too deeply into this – when they saw something very strange. There, next to a tree were two people. Or were they?

As the couple strained their eyes to see, they realised that the two ‘people’ in front of them were human-like, rather than human - the dark creatures were tall with elongated necks and long, slim hands. The driver of the car flicked on the headlights and started the engine and as light flooded the woodland, the creatures simply vanished behind a tree.

Creatures with long necks that look otherwise human have been reported across the world in much the same way as the folk phenomenon of the Black-Eyed Children.

In the latter tale, people report strange encounters with children whose eyes are entirely black who try to wheedle their way into their home or car and who ooze a sense of panic and fear.

The children are always described as being between the ages of six and 16 with completely black eyes and strange or out-of-date clothing. While their eyes are unsettling, people report that the really terrifying thing about the children is the feeling of overwhelming dread that accompanies their appearance.

The black-eyed children always ask for something, but there are no stories that report what happens if the children get what they ask for – presumably this is for a somewhat sinister reason.


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