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20 Oct: The sneering man

Sea frets have often blurred the lines between this world and the next - and one such creature to appear from the mist is the Sneering Man of Corton, who stalks the coastal road in front of terrified drivers, some of whom claim to have driven straight through him.

In 1974, a man was driving from Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft along the old A12 in Corton when his headlights illuminated someone - or something - standing in the road, directly in the path of his car.

He said: “I was struck most of all by the face, so much that I cannot recall seeing a body or even the outline of one. It was staring straight at me with a horrible sneer on its lips. It was not white or flimsy, but had a definite ‘flesh and blood’ appearance. I braked hard, but instead of hitting him as seemed certain, my car went straight through him.”


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